miscalleneous ephemera


The background illustration is the punchcutter from Rudolf Koch's Klingspor Foundry silhouettes cut in linoleum, printed in black on 110# Fraser Pegasus “Midnight Black”. The display face is 72 English Monotype Garamond cast at Golgonooza, printed in pms 875 copper. The opaque white text is ATF Garamond 459, matrices for which are owned by Dan & Julia at Golgonooza.

I ran the lino block and the display on the SP15, the 10 and 12pt Garamond on the C&P.


to a Letterpress Guild of New England field trip to Central Engraving in Chelsea, Ma.

wood type and hand set Alternate Gothic and News Gothic

cuts were photoengraved by Central Engraving.

order of service

upon hearing that my Grandfather's order of service would be a photocopy, i immediately began designing something finer and more fitting. layed out electronically the morning of the 16th, after work I bicycled to Somerville, MA to work with John Kristensen at Firefly Press to set the text on the Linotype. While John keyed and cast, I set about hand setting the cover. we proofed and ran the job later that evening, finishing at 1:30am. i am indebted to John for his friendship and expertise. They were FedEx'd the next afternoon, for the service in St. Louis the 17th.

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